Clean City Commercial, Inc. is the one-stop shop for all your cleaning needs. Founded in 1988, Clean City is today the leading importer and exclusive distributor of several world renowned cleaning brands in the Philippines.

Clean City carries a wide range of cleaning products from cleaning machines, to manual cleaning tools and cleaning chemicals.

At Clean City, we provide individuals and companies on various industries an innovative solution in the field of cleanliness. Our company strives to maximize cleanliness by providing cleaning products people can rely on and use for cleaning. Our collective experience of over 30 years, state of the art technology and modern cleaning machines make us stand out in a collaborative environment. We aim to provide the multitude of expertise by our team of industry experts- whose utmost attention is accorded towards accuracy in line with our standards and procedures. We are proficient, trustworthy and professionally trained in optimizing cleanliness throughout all levels.

ISO Certified Products

Majority of the products that we carry are ISO certified to ensure the highest quality of standards, consistency, and reliability delivered.

Trusted and Industry Leading

We are the pioneer in the industry with over 30+ years of experience. We make sure to provide you the products that will fit to your toughest requirements.

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